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Over the weekend, I was wondering about what my upcoming blog post should be, between writing a paper for my comprehensive exam, (due in 19 days), blending smoothies and juicing, attending a graduation party, working out, and hanging out with my family. I kept wondering – should I blog about the exciting math adventure I am embarking on, my students’ successes, a new technology to help you learn or teach math, or other math related topics? ..and then just this morning it came to me – “blog about your experience this weekend”.

I have quite a bit on my plate this month. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when I have a lot on my plate. I am wired that way, but we all know that, sometimes we have that moment where we are tempted to say, “forget this“.

I work with a lot of students in any given month with lots of capabilities in math – some of my students love math, some of them take the class only because they have to, and some of them loathe math. One of my students once told me that math just makes her depressed. I love my students, I always believe each and everyone of them is capable of success. I am not just saying this just to say it. I do sincerely believe each of my students is capable, so I am always encouraging them to do their best. I never sit on the sidelines, I help any way I can. I am the first to tell my students to take the next step, to take a break and come back to whatever they are struggling with. I advice them to never give up, and to always ask questions. So when I found myself feeling overwhelmed with what I have on my plate this week, I asked myself, “what will one of your past students say to you?” They will tell me to take a step back, look at how far I have come on working on my paper, remind myself about the impact my work will have on others, reorganize my schedule, make a to-do list and conquer it. Yes, my students are that smart!

If you are struggling in a class, or overwhelmed with preparing to teach a class, whatever it is, think about the impact your accomplishments will have on your goals and on others, if you just take a step back for a moment, reorganize your plans, and make a go for it.

This week, I urge you to be intentional in everything you are doing, reach out, and make sure you get results.

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