Middle School to High School


HippoCampus is a free educational resource for middle school through college level. You can browse by different subjects. For example, if you need to master Algebra, click on ‘Algebra & Geometry’ on the left hand side of the page, and you will find worked examples, test prep, and videos on Algebra.

Teachers: I have something fun for you. You can create a free account on HippoCampus, and customize for your student use. How cool is that?

Khan Academy

This website is filled with ‘math’awesomeness‘. You can find math videos by grade or by subject. Once you are on the page, you can click on one of these links: “Learners, start here“, “Teachers, start here“, or “Parents, start here“.

Purple Math

Purple Math is one of my favorite go-to sites to refer my students to, and guess what?…there are so many free resources, you might just do a happy dance. Looking for beginning algebra topics such as graphing, slopes, polynomials? You will find it here. Looking for advanced algebra topics, and how to solve word problems? You will find it here.

Purple Math also has a paid section where you will find information from 5th Grade through college level. My experience with purple math is with their free resources at the high school and college level, so I haven’t had a chance to utilize their other resources from 5th grade to middle school, but if the others are anything like what I have used, then you just won the lottery!

Virtual Nerd

Looking for that straight-to-the-point video that will help you understand a concept? From Middle School Math through Algebra 2, Virtual Nerd has you covered. For example, if you want to understand what a reciprocal is; voila!