SOLE – Self Organized Learning Environment: Are you the student or the teacher?

The future of learning – Have you ever imagined what the future of learning will be? Have you ever envisioned a ‘perfect’ learning environment as a student or an educator?

As educators and administrators, we try our best everyday to find learning and teaching strategies that will help teachers and students succeed. Last week on this blog I talked about adaptive technology, a form of personalized learning that utilizes technology to customize learning components to student’s individual needs. I have had the opportunity to use adaptive technology, and so far most of my students have found it useful. Are you ready to find out more about another learning and teaching strategy?

Picture yourself with a group of your peers sitting around a computer without a teacher. You have been given an assignment, and you have to find results. How will you go about achieving results? Where will you go to seek direction? This is where Self Organized Learning Environment or SOLE comes in. A Self Organized Learning Environment is an environment where educators encourage students to work together to answer questions using technology. Dr. Sugata Mitra, a professor of Educational Technology, spent 16 years experimenting with the idea of school children being left alone with their peers to explore learning. One of his findings was that, children who did not speak English were able to teach themselves how to speak English, so they could research information in English. Without any guidance, the children were able to collaborate, face challenges, and find results.

“Children have extraordinary learning capabilities when given the opportunity”. Eliza

Have you ever envisioned your future of learning as a student or as a teacher? Are we incorporating a self organized learning environment into our schools?

Spend a few minutes, and listen to this intriguing TED Talk by Sugata Mitra on SOLE:





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