Encourage – Don’t Discourage! Why do students feel bad when math doesn’t make sense?

Call me an optimist, but yes, when it comes to math, I am an optimist. Over so many years of teaching math, I have heard and seen it all (okay, maybe almost heard and seen it all). One experience that… Continue Reading

SOLE – Self Organized Learning Environment: Are you the student or the teacher?

The future of learning – Have you ever imagined what the future of learning will be? Have you ever envisioned a ‘perfect’ learning environment as a student or an educator? As educators and administrators, we try our best everyday to find learning… Continue Reading

Adaptive Technology – Are we on to something?

Online learning, blended learning, adaptive learning, individualized learning – these are all types of learning formats we have grown accustomed to due to the explosion of technology. We use to have to go to the classroom and have a teacher lecture… Continue Reading